900 Global NEAT Sanding Pad

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"N" Pad 750 grit

"E" Pad 1500 grit

"A" Pad 2500 grit

"T" Pad 4000 grit

After two years of research and development, 900 Global is proud to introduce a new and “NEAT” mechanical method of altering and maximizing surface roughness characteristics without sacrificing the visual aesthetics of the bowling ball.

The “NEAT” sanding process has 4 unique engineered pads. 

The pads work to maximize the potential peaks and valleys of the bowling ball surface and allow for a rougher surface contacting the lane compared with competing abrasive products.

The pads yield greater surface consistency across the bowling ball and give an enhanced visual aesthetic appeal despite maintaining a rougher surface profile. 

Product life can also be expected to last 50% longer than competing abrasives on the market.



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